My “About me” in Orkut

Orkut is going down. Of course, I don’t mind as I don’t use it much now. I had a final look at my profile and I found that my “About me” is somewhat deep. I wrote it when I was at Infosys back in 2007, when I was using Orkut actively. You may find it interesting. So I am posting it in the blog. Here it goes…

“When I was a kid, there was no moon at all in the sky.” I told the boy. “But there was a tiny star, trying to imitate the sun in the nights. It used to start in the east when sun was about to set and follow the path of sun till it laid down in the west in the mornings. Gradually it grown bigger and bigger and became the moon. It gave birth to so many small stars, which we see now.”

“That means, one day, all these stars will be as bigger as the moon just like the moon…?” He asked.

“Yeah, you are right.” I said.

From the day the sky, which he thought was very plain before, started looking more interesting than anything else in the world to him. He imagined the sky filled with a skyfull of full moons. He felt a multitude of crescent moons looking like white rose petals spread over the blue canvas of the sky. He wished for the coolest nights of the hottest summer days. He feared the darkest winter nights in absence of the innumerous glowing moons. He looked for the charm of the west full of orange moons, which could even deny the dazzling rays of the morning sun. He waited eagerly for the most beautiful thing he would ever see. He waited, waited and waited. 

Finally he came to know that the sky was as plainer as it had always been and there would never be more than one moon that existed right from the birth of the earth. He came to me and called me a liar.

I smiled. May be that’s what I am…


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